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2008-10-11 07:08 pm

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A friend's sister will be moving, and can not take her 4-foot ball python with her.
She is looking for a new home for the critter, most likely in December/January.

Experience with snakes preferred (she may ask for a vet-reference, I'm not sure) - she is
not giving up her baby willingly, and wants to find a "forever" home.

If interested, you can contact me, I will pass your info on.
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2008-06-12 07:46 pm

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Hey all.

My presence online will be irregular if at all for a bit. Tuesday's storms seem to have made a paperweight of my computer. I'm online at the library right now. Will try to log in here as close to daily as possible, but if you need to get hold of me and it's important at all, CALL me.
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2004-05-23 09:13 pm

I am amused...

alphawench may actually be a spider-human hybrid


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2004-03-24 06:01 pm

OK, I give up...

I opened an account mostly because I hate having to post replies anonymously. In my case, it wasn't cowardice but lack of account. This has been remedied.

Hide all your chocolate! the alphawench is loose on the LJ system!